Systems/Useful links

Administrative Portal (

Purchase request;
Request for transport;
Requesting graphic services;
Approval of requests.

Protocol/Lepisma (

Viewing, creating and processing single document;
Viewing, creating and processing of process.

Professors (

Visualization and issuance of report for professor progression;
Verification and conferral of didactic assignments for undergraduate and postgraduate courses;
Verification and registration of actions/projects/guidelines.

Subjects offer (

Analysis of disciplinary records and procedures in general;
Processing of disciplines, scope, alteration of vacancies;
Verification of vacancies/occupied/balance;
Teaching assignment for subjects on offer;
Issuance of semi-annual report discipline/teacher.

Academic Portal (

Visualization and change of subject content;
Visualization and alteration of disciplines.

Service Portal (

Reservation and consultation of physical space;
Reservation and consultation of equipment (datashow/notebook);
Opening and verification of call for Help Desk /CEUNES TI.

Sub-prefecture (

Request for maintenance and services of the sub-prefecture.

Pro-Rectory of Extension (

Registration and visualization of Extension Projects.

Academic System of Research and Post Graduation (

Registration and visualization of Research Projects;
Registration and visualization of Scientific Initiation Projects;
Registration and visualization of postgraduate activities (orientation / release of notes).

Record of occurrence of frequency;
Recording of end of year recess;
APR point record;
Frequency approval of servers.
Vacation booking and change
Proof of income
Functional data and periodic medical examination
Acesso à informação
Transparência Pública

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