SPE (http://spe.ufes.br/)

The Society of Petroleum Engineers is the largest body of oil and gas professionals and students in the world. Founded in 1957, SPE aims to gather and disseminate technical knowledge of the oil and gas area and as vision, enable the world oil industry to share technical knowledge in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Energy Junior (https://www.energyjr.com/)

Founded on March 16, 2011, Energy Junior is a junior, non-profit company formed by Engineering students from the Federal University of Espírito Santo in São Mateus, motivated to impact society, working to provide solutions in engineering and energy.

Liga Empreendedora (http://www.ligaempreendedoraufes.com/)

Founded in 2017 by three graduates in Petroleum Engineering, the Ufes Entrepreneurship League came with the idea of integrating not only the courses of the entire Federal University of Espírito Santo, but also people who are interested in participating, with a common point: young people with willingness to undertake. It is an entity with its own initiative, based on the development of entrepreneurship through training, lectures, mentoring and our pupils (workshops).

Portal do Petroleiro (http://portaldopetroleiro.com/)

Portal with the purpose of informing about the petroleum sector, destined to professionals, students and lovers of the area.

Brazilian Journal of Production Engineering - BJPE (http://periodicos.ufes.br/BJPE)

Brazilian Journal of Production Engineering.

Latin American Journal of Energy - Lajer (http://periodicos.ufes.br/lajer/)

The magazine Lajer is a semi-annual online publication edited by the student chapter SPE UFES and by the research group GPetro of UFES Campus São Mateus.

 Zetta Júnior (http://zettajr.com.br/

Zetta Júnior is a company made up of students of the Production Engineering couser. It is located in the city os São Mateus on the campus of the Federal University of Espírito Santo.

Brafitec (http://www.capes.gov.br/cooperacao-internacional/franca/brafitec)

The program consists of joint research projects in university partnerships in all engineering specialties, exclusively at the undergraduate level, to foste exchange in both countries and stimulate the approximation of curricular structures, including equivalence and mutual credit recognition.

PETProdBio (http://petprodbio.saomateus.ufes.br)

The objective of PET ProdBio is to promoto the broad and quality training of undergraduate students, stimulating the establishment of values that contribute to citizenship and social awareness.

Projeta Júnior (http://www.projetajunior.com.br/)

Projeta Júnior is a junior company formed by graduates in engineering from the Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES). Our company was founded in 2010, being the first junior company of the CEUNES campus located in the city of São Mateus, in the State of Espírito Santo.


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